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The feud between Roman Reigns and AJ-Styles has been on for a while now and it has sort of become a question in the hearts of wrestling fans that when exactly is the ‘warfare’ between the two tactical wrestlers actually going to end.

At the just concluded payback, a rematch was fixed between Reign and AJ to meet again in an Extreme Rules match.
In this second clash, no interference is expected from the McMahons (as the last fight was re-commenced twice due to their interruption to establish their regime) or from the ally of either Reign or AJ even though Extreme Rule Matches are usually planned for interference and the use of strange objects such as chairs, hammers etc.

In the recent news released by WWE officials, it appears the original plan that the battle between the two superstars will not stop until Money in The Bank in June 19 have been aborted as Cageside Seats has announced that the fight at the Extreme Rules match will end the feud between Reigns and AJ as they battle again for the World Heavy Weight Championship.

Despite the Cageside Seats announcement however, there are speculations that Reign and AJ could still clash on Monday Night RAW after the Extreme Rules fight.

looking at the very rules of Extreme Rules match, it is really unlikely that The Usos, Reigns’ cousins or AJ supporters will not interject the fight.