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WWE has announced that a top Raw superstar and one of the favourites to win the Rumble may no longer be in it!

The Royal Rumble is almost here, everyone knows that, and it’s holding in the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia. The pay-per-view will be one of it’s kind as it will for the first time hosts the Female’s Rumble match as well as the traditional Men’s over-the-top-rope Royal Rumble match.

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So expectations are high, everyone on the edge wondering what the nature of the event will be as the WWE tries to gain higher rating and more revenue.

With the Rumble set to start WWE on the road to Wrestlemania, all the top stars are geared up for the pay-per-view and have announced their participation in the Rumble. However, one of the stars who announced that he would compete in the Rumble match may be absent, and WWE has removed him from the graphic as well.

Samoa Joe suffered an injury on the last episode of Raw during his match with Rhyno. Though it had not been evident at the time, the bottom of his foot had suffered a thick tissue rupture, which put him out of action.

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According to the doctor, he is supposed to take two weeks of rehabilitation before he can make a comeback to the ring. With injuries, however, time for healing is never a certainty.
The heart of the matter

Samoa Joe had announced that he would be a part of the 30-Man, over the top rope Royal Rumble match, but following his injury on Raw last week, it seems unlikely he will be able to compete. To fuel the rumours even further, WWE removed him from the Graphic where he had previously been a part of the match.

The old twitter graphic:

His removal from the Rumble match graphic may be a confirmation that he will not be fit to compete in the Rumble.

With WWE it is impossible to predict anything, and more so with the Rumble. He may appear as a surprise entrant in the Rumble if he recovers by that time. The Rumble is set to take place on the 28th of January.