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Alexa Bliss is certainly the object of many wrestling fans’ affections, but what we have to say to you is that the WWE Women’s Champion is not available anymore; she is engaged.

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Alexa Bliss is dating none other than Buddy Murphy and the two are looking like about to wed already.

While the WWE Universe burble at the development of Bliss engaged, worthy to note is that Buddy Murphy recently called Bliss is “best friend, and wife to be.” That’s sweet, right there.

Alexa Bliss dating, Bliss and her BoyfriendLongtime Bliss fans may remember her NXT days when she managed the Tag Team duo of (Wesley) Blake and (Buddy) Murphy. Little did we know that the two will later become lovers or were probably doing something secret together then.

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As it turns out, Bliss and Buddy Murphy are currently working their marriage deals. In fact, Bliss, whose real name is Alexis Kaufman, announced that the two were engaged in January of 2017.

We’re not quite sure when the engagement took place or how, but an Instagram post saw Murphy call Bliss his “best friend, and wife to be.” That’s sweet, right there.