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Jim Ross at WrestleMania IXJim Ross switched from WCW to WWE 26 years ago.

On the debut episode of “Grilling JR,” Jim Ross discussed his transition from WCW to WWE 26 years ago.

Ross made his debut at WrestleMania IX where he infamously wore a toga. Ross discussed being produced by Bruce Prichard and revealed Vince McMahon’s reaction to him after the event.

On Being Produced By Bruce Prichard: “Bruce (Prichard) produced me at WrestleMania 9. I could tell when Vince was standing over Bruce’s shoulder because Bruce would get very aggressive.

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When Vince wasn’t in sight, Bruce was Bruce. I think when Vince was around he was like, ‘Get him Bruce. Sick him.’ It was a good experience. It was pretty smooth.”

On Vince McMahon’s Reaction: “He hugged me. He said, ‘I’m sure glad you’re on our team. Glad you’re here.’ I hadn’t heard that in a long time. You never got that in WCW.

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I got plenty of “atta boys’ from TBS executives that were entertained by my work. (WrestleMania 9) was a glorious day after all the bullshit I had put myself in a position to endure.

Getting knocked down a few times. At some point, you’ve got to fight. I got my ass up and said, ‘fuck this. I’m getting tired of this shit. I’m unhappy and I’m not gonna do it anymore.’

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I felt like when Watts went out the door, he tossed me the anvil. I could do nothing to change the perception of who Jim Ross was for a certain group of people.

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I never had any doubts that I couldn’t broadcast. I didn’t care what the people in WCW said. I knew they were wrong.”

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