Shocker: This WWE Superstar Has Just Been Rated Above John Cena — OMG! This Latest Rating Is Unbelievable, See Details

It is almost unheard of in WWE that Forbes in its recent report claims that the WWE is touting Roman Reigns as their number one merchandise seller for “full-time stars.”

That designation planned to claim Roman Reigns sells more than anyone else in the WWE, but he still sells much merchandise less than John Cena, who the WWE moved to the designation of “part-time star” to make the new claim.

CM Punk, at the time he surpassed John Cena in merchandise sales, did it legitimately as a full-time star alongside Cena. Outside of CM Punk, no one has come close to John Cena, except possibly Daniel Bryan and now Roman Reigns.

Daniel Hinkles said that he is reaching out to sign CM Punk for the monster contract because that is what the fans of his promotion are expecting. He said that he asked who they wanted to see in the tournament, and CM Punk was on “everybody’s wish list.” Hinkles also said that he knows CM Punk is focused on MMA right now but hopes the $1 million offer will at least make him consider it.

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“We all know that if he ever comes back to wrestling it will be one of those epic moments – I want that to be with 5 Star Wrestling, right here in the UK. A common saying in the wrestling world is that the UK has the best fans, well how about we give them the biggest moments too.”

After CM Punk left the WWE, he started working on passion projects that he had always dreamed about. He wrote some comic books for Marvel Comics – specifically one about Guardians of the Galaxy member Drax – something Batista claimed to have read while taking on the role of Drax in the Marvel movies.

CM Punk also got his chance to fight in the UFC, although that did not work out well. He lost to Mickey Gall in just 2:14 after submitting to a rear naked choke hold. CM Punk said he wants to train more and return, but UFC President Dana White has said it is unlikely to happen. White did add that he would talk to Punk about it.

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The 5 Star Wrestling tournaments begin in Liverpool on June 10. John Morrison, Rey Mysterio Jr, Carlito, Magnus, and more have been advertised as taking part in the 128-man tournament. CM Punk would surely be the biggest name in the event if he took the $1 million offer