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Well it happened that Floyd Mayweather who had retired from boxing for a year plus and plans to return back to boxing ring.

The 39 years old “Floyd Mayweather” said he will face Conor McGregor who was the present UFC superstar for $100m.

While McGregor said that it was him who needs the fight, but he will use the opportunity to boost his career by accepting the fight only if they agree in his term (talking of the $100m contract Mayweather is to sign).

The 27 years old “McGregor” also said that, if Maywearther gets $100m, he will be given $7m that he will not tolerate that at anymore.

Furthermore he said, “Mayweather is getting old that he have many chances of winning the fight but the company will have to do it in his way, that $7m is absolutely small amount.