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Nobody would have thought of this anyway because it has not happened in these new days. The incident was so scary that even most other fans were finding their way out of the auditorium for their lives to be safe.

Patricia Anne Crowe, a 59 year old lady jumped into the ring with a loaded gun and pointed at a wrestling star during a match at an indie show in Ringgold, Georgia, it is revealed that the woman was from Georgia. This happened during a match between Heel Paul Lee against Iron Mann where Lee had tied Iron Mann and was hitting hard on him.

According to report, Patricia Anne Crowe jumped in to the ring to cut the rope with a knife in her hands and later brought out a gun and pointed it at Lee this was because Lee had had encounter with the woman and she felt really embarrassed with what Lee said to her. Lee said: “The lady was missing a few teeth, so I told her, ‘sit your toothless self down”.

More so, according to WrestlingInc Lee and another individual disarmed the woman and kept her at bay until Catoosa County sheriff’s deputies arrived. This was indeed a very scary scenario that lay the lives of many in danger.