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Stone Cold Steve Austin calls AJ Styles WWE Best WrestlerWhile most wrestling fans may have watched ‘The Last Ride’, there may have been a part of it that you missed. Caught up in the big picture, it’s the little things that matter, and this one matters a lot. In the documentary, Stone Cold Steve Austin mentioned that AJ Styles was the greatest wrestler standing on two feet. This was a major statement coming from someone like Austin.


The statement was edited to look like it was small, and if you weren’t paying full attention you probably would have missed it.

Steve Austin

WWE probably didn’t lay emphasis on that statement because it would interfere with their promotion of Randy Orton as the Greatest Wrestler of all time.

AJ Styles has been in WWE for 4 years now. While many thought that he was going to be a crashing star or one-season wonder, he has been the most consistent wrestler in WWE.

Receiving praise from Triple H, The Undertaker and now even Stone Cold, AJ Styles must undoubtedly be proud. We can only expect him to get better and better.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the most consistent face in the men’s division

Stone Cold has been featured a lot and has given his valuable input into the life of Mark Calaway. His own career has been analyzed a lot as well.

He thinks that Styles is a great competitor in the ring. However, he didn’t make the mistake of mentioning that he wants to fight him. This would only send fans on a wild goose chase to bring back Austin.

While most of the attention is focused on The Undertaker in ‘The Last Ride’, we recommend you rewatch it. There are a lot of things you pick up the second time around that you may not have the first time.

Steve Austin

These little statements made by Edge, Stone Cold, or Shawn Michaels can be extremely relevant. The Undertaker himself drops down some truth bombs that you may not have understood.

After his feud against The Undertaker, AJ Styles is still looking for a big storyline. WWE has to be careful not to over push him as they did with John Cena.

Steve Austin

AJ Styles could be the next big thing for WWE, and his performance inside the ring can testify to that.