BREAKING NEWS: WWE Diva Paige Faces Battery Charges — See WWE Official Report…

WWE Diva Paige is a well Known Diva in the WWE. Paige has recently been faced with a lot of challenges both with the WWE and Her husband Alberto Del Rio. Recent Reports says that Paige has just been charged for Domestic Violence.

According to Reports, Paige may be charged with battery, she could be facing another WWE suspension, as she would be in violation of the company’s zero-tolerance policy as it pertains to domestic violence. This could be her third Suspension in one Year.

The policy is as follows:

WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated.

WWE’s ability to fine, suspend or terminate a WWE talent will not be, however, limited or compromised in any manner in the event incontrovertible evidence of such illegal misconduct is presented to WWE. Section 9.13(a) of the WWE booking contract, commonly known as the “morals clause”, provides WWE with broad discretion and authority to act under such circumstances.

This Suspension could lead to the End of her contract with the WWE. As the WWE policies is as follows:

Third Violation: In the event of a third positive test for substances prohibited by this Policy other than marijuana and alcohol, the WWE Talent’s contract with WWE will be terminated and WWE will publicly disclose the WWE Talent’s name and that WWE Talent’s contract was terminated for a third violation of the Policy.


BREAKING NEWS: Former WWE DIVA Champion Runs Mad? — See Shocking Statement From Her Father…

Paige Father Ricky Knight comments on Paige’s private photos and videos being leaked. He showed serious concern for her mental health.
He wrote;

“my last say on the scandal surrounding my daughter I have just spoken to her over Facebook and I am worried for her mental health or worse ffs world get a grip she has not killed anyone robbed anyone she was having sex in a private situation between consulting adults and then has been betrayed by some low lifes as her dad I urge people to back off as I say I am very worried for her it will be no good backing her when its too late like many other celebrities who have left us.”

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Hackers recently released photos and videos of Paige in close sensitive adult positions. This has brought great turbulence in the relationship between The WWE Diva and WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. These Photos and videos has gone viral on the internet. This has caused fans worldwide to react on various social media.

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Paige mother Saraya Knight also tweeted similar reaction noting that their family was devastated and wrote that “the business we love will kill us it seems.”


BREAKING NEWS: Alberto Del Rio Finally Breaks Up With Paige | Paige Pregnant — See Pregnancy Details

Alberto El Patron and Paige break-up rumors confirmed

Alberto Del Rio’s relationship with paige was one of the most interesting relationship in the WWE. the Couple has always shown their love life on social media with nice and romantic pictures regularly.

This Romantic relationship has unfortunately been declared “over” by Alberto Del Rio.

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Speculations Around the WWE says that the couple had broken up. it was however confirmed by the Dave Meltzer who spoke to the closest friend of Alberto.

Del Rio’s closest friend told our sources that Alberto told him that he broke up with Paige over the weekend. The couple was seen at Universal Studios on Saturday and that is where the break-up occurred.

Del Rio will defend the Impact World Heavyweight Championship against Global Force Wrestling Champion Bobby Lashley at Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view in Orlando. Paige, who has been out of action since late last year due to neck injury, has started training for her return to the ring.

Piage also decleared that she is pregnant.

Everyone must be shocked that former WWE Divas Champion Paige could be pregnant by now but who can dispute that when Paige herself shared a photo of her being pregnant.

Former WWE Champion Paige has not let the baton down, despite all odds, she has remain eventful. Paige was recently seen in a WWE sex-tape-scandal knocking BRAD MADDOX & XAVIER WOOD in such a hot way.

Yes, the English professional wrestler and actress who debuted WWE in 2005 shares most of her involvements with fans and lovers both in the world of wrestling and whatnot over social media.

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One of such involvements includes her recent engagement to former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, which has brought her quite a number of criticisms, including odd reactions from her father.

While that is still steaming, Paige’s recent post doesn’t depict that all is fine; somewhat she paints the love of her life in a very different light.

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The 24-year-old WWE Diva, recently made a tweet capturing a photo of Del Rio looking, well, a bit different than fans are used to. She posted the picture with a caption that said “You’re right. He’s pregnant and pretty. @VivaDelRio.”

The photo depicts a female body wearing a polka dot print dress, a large necklace, and long brown hair. That would be enough to elicit a “whaaa” from most, but when Del Rio’s face is supplanted on top of it all, well, that’s just another thing entirely. Good luck getting that image out of your head now, and you’re welcome.

We don’t know what this means for now, but we hope in the days ahead, things will unfold, details will hit the media. Keep you posted.

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BREAKING NEWS: Wife Of WWE Champion Announces Pregnancy – See Pregnancy Details

All of a sudden, Xavier Woods has pregnancy talks in the neighborhood, just after the explicit nude photo leaked which saw him knocking WWE Diva Paige at the locking room.

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Paige whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis has not recovered from that cyber attack yet; in the WWE sex-tape-scandal, star Paige was seen knocking BRAD MADDOX & XAVIER WOOD

While that scene is now gradually slipping down the minds of the WWE Universe, the leader of the gang Xavier Woods is expecting a brand new baby! Woods’ wife Jess Watson posted a photo on Instagram last week, announcing that the happy couple are expecting.

Xavier’s wife Jess Watson posted a photo on Instagram of light up letters that read “Baby W” and an extra stocking hanging from their mantle … with the caption saying, “So much to be thankful for this holiday season! Baby Boy Watson coming May 2017.”

Meanwhile, the bosses of booty are approaching 470 days as your W-W-E-WORLD-TAG-TEAM-CHAMPIONS and that calls celebration. As a matter of fact, the New Day has a lot to celebrate these days and we hope the celebration continues.

Here’s the pregnancy photo below: