The Tragic Story Of Wrestling Legend Perry Saturn — THE UNTOLD STORY…

Perry SaturnDespite the changes in the wrestling business and the healthier trends among performers today, some veterans of the industry still pay the price for their risky style, both inside and outside of the ring.



Perry Satullo, known for nearly three decades as Saturn, posted a video on his Facebook page just a few days ago and is in a desperate situation.

During an interview with Bill Apter late last year, Saturn explained that he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries from his time in professional wrestling, and the following month a Go Fund Me page was set up to assist with his substantial medical expenses.

At the time, his longtime friend, Chris Jericho donated $5,000 to the cause and Dallas Page also donated $2,000 to help kick off the campaign. From what was explained on the donation page, the costs of MRI and other tests during recent months have been very financially difficult for the Satullo family.

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The brief video is difficult to watch as an emotional Saturn ask for help and explained that he doesn’t know if he will be homeless going forward. Perry doesn’t look well and his appearance has noticeably changed from just a few months ago so clearly, the health problems he has are taking their toll.

It’s an extremely sad conclusion to a once promising career, and even more tragic, a story that is seen too often in the world of professional wrestling, one that was brought to the main stream after Mickey Rourke’s portrayal in the film, “The Wrestler” nearly a decade ago.

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His post-WWE career was the start of a downward spiral, and after working sporadically on the independent scene, Saturn completely disappeared. While extensive drug use took over, Perry’s friends and family didn’t know where he was, leading many fans to speculate about if he passed away.


While living on the street in 2004, Saturn was driving his girlfriend to work in Atlanta when he stumbled upon a woman being raped by two men. Unfortunately for those two men, Perry Saturn was an Army Ranger.

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 As such, when he saw what was going on, he sprung into action, and actually managed to fight off the two attackers. During the altercation, however, Saturn was shot once in the neck, and once in the shoulder. In his YouShoot interview, Saturn says he thought the one to the shoulder was a punch. 

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After he recovered from the shooting, Perry continued to struggle with an addiction to methamphetamine. He remained homeless for several years after he spent most of the money earned in his wrestling career on drugs.

Finally, Perry Saturn achieved sobriety and made efforts to turn his life around, which he detailed when he resurfaced in the wrestling scene for a Kayfabe Commentatires’ “Youshoot” interview in 2010. During the production, Saturn spoke very candidly about his drug use and the effect it had on his life.

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Who knows how much his addiction contributed to the brain injuries that he has today? Perry even returned to the ring for a few matches and began to appear at conventions after it was publicized that he cleaned up his life.

Unfortunately, the damage to his body has drastically affected his quality of life in recent years, as it’s explained on his donation page that he’s showing signs of dementia.

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Obviously, Saturn is responsible for the decisions he made in the past, and if someone chooses to donate to his medical expenses or not is their own personal decision, but stories like this have often ended in tragedy so it would be nice if Perry Saturn somehow gets the medical care that he clearly needs for his condition.

Hopefully, after a notable career, Saturn can get help and this situation won’t became another cautionary story in the wrestling business.

If you would like to donate to Perry Saturn’s medical expenses, you can do so here