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As previously reported, TNA has been looking for investors to come invest in the company as the company runs down financially. Aroluxe marketing has been the brain behind the funding of the company.

Aroluxe has paid in lots of money into the company tapings and now wanting their funds back. And it was noted that if the company fails to payback within a stipulated time, Aroluxe may end up being the major owner of the company.

Dixie Carter has been doing all she could to make sure the company is retained.She met with so many investors but they demanded for a major owner of the company before they could invest inha it.

Carter turned down their demands and search for other investors. Too many purchasers are highly interested for the company but due to their terms and conditions the company has refused.

More so, Eric Bischoff was ones a worker in TNA. He has worked and raised huge sums that can buy the company. He has worked with the Fusient Media Network. He had in mind to buy the WCW before eventually it was been sold to the WWE.

Eric was asked on Twitter if he had interest in buying the TNA Company but this was his reply: