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The entertainment of wrestling is one of the most risky businesses ever in the world and thus the wrestlers or superstars are to be highly compensated because they engage in all manner of brute just to make things out and to cheer fans. Fans are entertained and cheered by the level of torture wrestlers performs in the ring.

It is believed in the world of today those wrestlers never goes into the ring without taking drug to stimulate and keep them strong in the ring. These drugs which they take are drugs that are highly prohibited and easily abused drugs. We have heard of several occasions where superstars was suspended in the WWE due to the intake of non prescribed medication which is to retain strength in the ring even when others are weak, they still have their strength because of the drug.

The TNA Company just concluded their biggest event of the year, the BloodyMania and these years was the 10th one. It is revealed that TNA superstar Jeff Hardy headlined the main event of the show and after the show he was found destroying ladder in the company and was acting much like a mad person. Jeff was also found doing silly things with cardboard cuts. Jeff Hardy is widely known for his drug addiction which made everyone to conclude that his actions were been led by drugs.

More so, Jeff Hardy was recently interviewed and the highlight of the interview was posted in where Jeff Hardy bloodily denied the fact that he was under the influence of drugs when he was destroying the ladders and doing silly things with cardboard. Jeff said that his breakdown after the match was nothing but a preview of what his character would be like in TNA in the upcoming days and since many people haven’t seen anything like that before, it left them wondering what was wrong with Hardy that night.

Furthermore, Jeff said that the cardboard cut out which was speculated to be of Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealing that it was actually of a Mexican wrestler named El Dandy which he mistakenly thought was of Eddie Guerrero. Jeff jokingly said that he made this mistake because of his failing eyesight.