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Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey WWE

Ronda Rousey released a pair of Thanksgiving Day vlogs, the second of which is very interesting because it opens with her sobbing over the death of one of the animals on her ranch. This leads to her reflecting on the life she’s currently living, and how her job is affecting things:


”Sometimes I just feel like I can’t do it all, I have to pick one thing. I can’t wrestle forever because I feel like I’m failing my family. Even something little over a fucking goat, you know? Like, we would have been here and that wouldn’t have happened. So, I mean, it is…”

When Ronda Rousey’s husband, Travis Browne tells her it’s all part of owning a ranch, she responds with more concern of everything she’s missing out on working the brutal WWE travel schedule:

Ronda Rousey cry, tears on losses

”I know, I just know that I can’t be 100 percent committed to the ranch when I’m doing all this WWE stuff too. I can’t be fully committed to my family — like I can’t cook you guys breakfast every morning. And it’s rough, you know?

Yeah, I wouldn’t be leaving home unless it was to do the most fantastic things ever, and I really, really do enjoy and love it. But, you know, all that energy spent on the WWE is not spent on my family.”

Ronda Rousey

Her husband reassures her that the animals are spoiled and they live a very good life. This isn’t all that much different than seeing any family adjust to issues they’re facing, and it’s never a good idea to look too far into something when someone is dealing with their emotions after some sort of trauma.

Having said that, this wouldn’t be the first time she’s talked about putting more focus on her family.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne farm

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne farm

That means less focus on WWE. The demands of the job, especially as champion, dictate spending extended time away from home. It wouldn’t be a surprise, then, if Rousey decides sooner rather than later that those demands are too much.