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Triple H and Ronda RouseyEarlier this month Ronda Rousey caused controversy by labelling WWE fans “ungrateful” while discussing her run in the company. Rousey, who last wrestled at WrestleMania 35, told Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast that she would rather be spending her time at home with her family than performing for “a bunch of f**king ungrateful fans that don’t even appreciate me”.


“I love performing, I love the girls, I love being out there. But, at the end of the day, I was just like, ‘f**k these fans, dude’,” she also said. “My family loves me and they appreciate me, and I want all my energy to go into them. So that was my decision.”

Brie Bella cryingAnother WWE’s Superstar Entering Quarantine due to coronavirus

While Ronda Rousey’s comments received instant backlash from WWE fans and Superstars alike, WWE legend and executive vice president of global talent strategy and development Triple H, hinted that Rousey got exactly the reaction she was looking for.

Speaking with CBS Sports HQ on Wednesday, WWE legend and executive vice president of global talent strategy and development, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, addressed Rousey’s comments. He didn’t provide much clarity on the matter, but said the world would have to “wait and see” if those comments were simply Rousey operating in promotional mode.

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“Ronda is an expert at pushing buttons,” Levesque said. “It’s a funny thing, when you promote the fight, whether boxing or MMA, part of your job is the fight and the other part is to promote fights. The question for people is, is she promoting or are these her true feelings? I think that is where the rub comes in for most people.

I think that’s what makes this intriguing. Is this the real Ronda Rousey? Is this the Ronda Rousey she wants you to see? Is this Ronda manipulating people? Or is this just Ronda being Ronda? The world needs to wait and see and find out — I need to wait and see and find out. I’m just as intrigued as everybody else. So, time will tell.”

Ronda Rousey farm

Ronda Rousey farm

Rousey stepped away from WWE after losing the Raw women’s championship at WrestleMania 35, coming up short against Becky Lynch in a match that also featured then-SmackDown women’s champ Charlotte Flair. The match marked the first time a women’s bout served as the main event on the signature show of the year.

Earlier this month, WWE held WrestleMania 36, another event that featured a number of firsts. Most notably, WrestleMania 36 was the first WrestleMania to ever be held over two nights and the first to take place without fans in attendance, both a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Levesque said he was “very satisfied” with how the event played out under the unique circumstances, citing the surprisingly well-received “cinematic matches” as examples of what the promotion had done right.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne farm

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne farm


And if Rousey does want to come back to WWE, she already has a challenge waiting for her from Nia Jax.