Two More WWE Female Stars Released From The Company: See Updated List — Official Announcement

The WWE CEO Vince McMahon is angry again, this time taking down quite a number of stars and chances are that more stars will go down in the days ahead.

Abbey Laith – who prior to signing with WWE wrestled for Chikara and elsewhere as Kimber Lee – was released from the company’s developmental system, along with two other wrestlers.

Today, she’s issued a statement on Twitter thanking the company:

And she’s already back to work, announcing an appearance back in her old Philadelphia stomping grounds!

While they’re still not as plentiful as they are for men, there’s definitely more opportunities for women on the independents than ever, and Laith (real name Kimberly Frankele) has proven she can work with anyone. Now that she has some more name recognition from her time in The ‘E, she should be even more in demand.

Keep an eye out for Abbey’s next moves. Maybe she’ll show up on Impact for a Kimber Bombs reunion with Allie?