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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says he is open to talking with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in order to try to halt the country’s nuclear program.
The President expected to be, nominee of the Republican Donald Trump speaking to press on Tuesday said he is free to talk with the North Korean President Kim Jong Un just to discuss and put a stop to the nuclear program the country posses.

Speaking during interview Trump said “I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him”
He added that he will also use Economic power the U.S. has over China to pressurize the Chinese government so as to play a role in finding a lasting solution.

There are several permission grants North Korea receives from U.N. in target for their nuclear weapons and so are repeated banned missile tests.
There were effort made by China and U.S in conjunction with S.Korea, Russia and Japan so as to negotiate with North Korea but it all went down broken up that’s in 2008.

Meanwhile “Sullivan” reply Donald says “Donald Trump insults our closest ally, then turns around and says he’d love to talk to Kim Jong Un?”
Trump also speaking during the interview said Cameron has problems, but he knows how he would create a good relationship.