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Cristiana Ronaldo the key player of Real madrid keeps his career flowing as he won the championship on Saturday, he said before as the final approaches he felt like a kid.

England will be facing Portugal at Wembley on Thursday in their last friendly match before 2016 begins in France. Tuesday evening, Roy Hodgson must submit his final 23-man squad to continue the game till the end.

And Portugal too will be facing Estonia in their last warm up on 8 June, the later date for the champions league final made Ronaldo to be at disadvantage.

15 Days is a lot for the break. I expect them to draw the champions league final closer to the end of the league season coming year, “Ronaldo goes further saying” 15 days for the preparation for the league season is enough.

Cristiana Ronaldo still go ahead saying: “I am really tierd, playing games that have exceeded 4,000 minutes and I was the No1 in the team in most of the minutes played this season, this is not just a little stress, I need to rest and gain back my self for a wile, playing most of the minutes in the games signifies that am still perfectly good and dependable because i was very tired but i still continue the game till the end”.

“Every season I do score more than 50 goals getting to seven years now but am still seeking for more” he added: I am very happy and feeling good because am always at the top , I love Real Madrid.