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The France super star Paul Pogba has always have a good interest to join Real Madrid instead of Manchester United, Real Madrid are very scared about the cost price of the player Pogba not to be priced out by other big clubs.

Paul Pogba is a unique and wonderful player who has been the centre of speculation in this whole seasonal transfer where every club want to sign him this summer.

According to survey we had, we learnt that Manchester United are still under negotiation for the player for over £100m deal which might possibly lead Manchester United to buy him due to the amount.

But when interviewed the super star he is believed to be under the management of Jose Mourinho due to the interest he has on him, he still believe to be the fourth addition newly-appointed boss Jose Mourinho wants to sign, but Balague claims the Frenchman has his heart set on Madrid.

But the issue there now is that the player infarct has interest in both Manchester United and Real Madrid because he made it clear to Real Madrid that he would like to be a Madrid player this season and still yet interested in Manchester United. This was still the same Pogba who left United in 2012 after turning down the club’s offer of a new contract.

The main problem is if Real Madrid can only afford the amount involved which Manchester United are willing to pay for him but according to survey we don’t think if Real can afford it.