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The UEFA have detailed out the players efforts during this last competition, the ‘key players’ of the teams and the ways in which they coordinated and solve problems on the pitch during the tournament. They carry the team along in the game with their passes and special algorithm.

The ranking of players in the pre-tournament element are being basically determined by the algorithm and performance of the player in the country and club at the beginning of the year, depending on the standard of the opposition they are to face.

Cristiano Ronaldo the Portugal and Real Madrid star is at the top of UEFA’s list progressing into the month of June, Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the second, Antoine Griezmann third, Dimitri Payet forth, they both are from france, Milner is at the fifth position and Koke at the sixth position.

The inclusion of Milner as a star in the world game is just like a surprise, but he had seven assists in four games in April and produced about 30 goals scoring chances in the last nine appearances, pointed out by the UEFA.

In the rating of goalkeepers we have Manuel Neuer (14th) at the top, in fullback we have Juanfran (10th) at the top, Sergio Ramos (7th) at the centre-back is at the top seines after he scored his goal in the UEFA Champions League Final.

In Spain Bruno Soriano (12th) is being ranked as the highest in defensive midfielder, Milner and Koke topping Toni Kroos (9th) at the central midfield, Payet is being ranked at the top of the attacking midfielder group over Marek Hamsik (11th).