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Neymar is very happy now as he turns out to be the one staying at Barcelona on social media always most especially with this new deal he just signed with Barcelona that was held on Friday, is not just only that Neymar did but he is now Barcelona top-earner and their point of target.

Neymar made it possible to sign a new deal with Barcelona for five-years and this contract will last till 2021, by then the 24 year old would have turn 29years which is the present years of Lionel messi now.

The Argentina super star Lionel Messi will by then represent and be replaced by Neymar as the important and the top key player of Barcelona. This new deal signed by Neymar will be very great for him and the club because he will be working harder this time around.

According to Joseph Bartomeu the Barcelona president he said: “Neymar has never got interest in signing to any other big clubs which will earn him more” he still went folder saying that not even only Neymar but all Barcelona players because all of them can still find other big clubs that will pay them more.

Coming to the level of purely financial terms Barcelona cannot compare their financial status to that of Paris and Manchester, this might in one way or the other sound like a praise to their players but frankly speaking it is a reality to them.