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Wayne Rooney the Manchester United super star has always have the ambition to play as a midfielder which he planned to start this summer, the Manchester United captain Rooney has gutting so much interested and confidence to play as a midfield saying that he has gutting enough experience in the game therefore he will be the best so far.

Meanwhile the arrival of Jose Mourinho in Manchester United has been a barrier to Wayne Rooney’s future career in one way or the other, Mourinho opposed and terminated the plans of Rooney been a midfielder saying he’s not qualified to be Manchester United midfielder and will not represent perfectly well.

The both men in question, Manchester United Coach and captain, Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney are probably not settled with each other, there have been a little misunderstanding about this case of been a midfielder which cannot be predicted who will prevail among them.

But never the less Martial’s – tried to convinced Rooney to accept his reinvention as a midfielder upon returning. But Wayne Rooney cannot compete with the pace of Martial and Rashford and was even outscored by the latter.

Jose Mourinho has been in one way trying to stop the excessive praise of Wayne Rooney which he has created from his midfield assist. He went folder saying: “The people can only say his pass is very unique and great but I tell you mine is greater than his”.