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According to him he said that playing in argentine make him to realize the agenda toward his
Carrier, his teammate appreciated him for tremendous success in that game and for so far he has
Taken them, the fellow Argentine teammates than those few moments right before he took that free kick against the U.S. last night

Fresh off being knocked over by a player Chris Wondolowski wish has already prepared to withstand over the result dead ball in an eminently shot position, Messi first bent and studiously And he reunited his boot shoelaces .with the chance of putting the ball to the net but officially Blowout out of reaching for good ,send his beloved nation and his beleaguered team into its third consecutive tournament final, endure himself once and for all to a country that remain confounding unwilling, to fully embrace him,and claim argentine all their time for leading in score record,messi was the picture of calm in that tournament ,there was no pressure evident in his movement he always show his capability in all the score being played
throughout the season.

It was funny to think about this interaction of messi in that game, how he differ from older version especially this season, in the tenth anniversary of his the major game in the tournament the 2008 world cup. Today he has become one of the best player in the world today they call him the undisputed star cause his bullet is like fire that blow the net.

Back then he was the heavily hyped but barely experienced wonder how he can bench as the final third specialist Messi would be sent out into the pitch to do little more than how he use to display his magic at dribble by defender, all failing arms and flowing mane flapping in the wind , whipping wit shot and pinging out through ball in search of goals scored or assisted it was a team of big name and even have a bigger personalities, and thought Messi stood off to the periphery in a large part of the moment.