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Mesut Ozil of German has explain his experience right from his childhood and the different cultures of the environment which he has ones based that have influence him to different geographical culture.

He went ahead to explain and revealed some basic reasons why he has so much interest to base in Arsenal.

As explained earlier Ozil has experience so many culture right from his childhood, Arsenal newly produced video in the world cup winner foolishly explained the traits acquired during his childhood and those different culture experienced in Lebanese, Turks, Germans are coming together in the football.

Out of the experienced aquired by Ozil, the only one that help him most towards his attitude and making him globally famous is that of his hometown and living abroad in England.

The 2010 world cup was one of the terms that promoted Mesut Ozil to Real Madrid basically because of his performance in the team but after some seasons he were make moved to Arsenal’s club-record signing in 2013.

He went ahead saying: “I love Arsenal, I am a type that can easily sign the whole of my career in this club, my fans do always admire me because of my quietness, my life style and because I always do what they likes”.

Ozil is a type of player who is very humble to his people and fans, he always avoid cases coming on his way.