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Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax WWE StarNia Jax has a great sense of humor and her skills at observational humor are apparently second to none as well. This is why she wonders if her butt is smiling since it has dimples.

Nia Jax recently asked Alexa Bliss a very serious question on Twitter. We’re not sure what prompted this question that Jax had about her own butt, but we can only imagine that any fly on the wall for that conversation was thoroughly entertained.

I have dimples on my face when I smile….so when I see dimples on my butt does it mean my butt is smiling?? @AlexaBliss_WWE

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The age-old mystery will just have to continue. Lucky for Nia Jax she has a Higher Power in her life since she works with Vince McMahon.

So maybe the next time she’s in Mr. Vince McMahon’s presence Nia Jax can just ask him for some sagely advice.

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We hope she gets back to us about what Vince’s reply is if she can get around to asking The Chairman if her butt is smiling since it has dimples.

But Alexa Bliss butt doesn’t have dimples, sure her enlarged boobs have. Every looks and admires Alexa Bliss especially since she came under the knife with heavy boobs.

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