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It’s no secret that Vince McMahon has superstars that he favors over others. In fact, many a hilarious meme about John Cena robots being Vince McMahon’s fantasy roster has made its way around the internet more than once and will not doubt go on as long as John Cena continuous to be given title shot after title shot. Although it has been noted many times that McMahon doesn’t give up on his favorite, there are a more than a few signs that point to Vince McMahon being very angry with Roman Reigns over his actions during the Survivor Series pay per view.

According to several sources, Vince McMahon is reportedly furious over Roman Reigns not handling the spear spot with his son, Shane McMahon more carefully and possibly injuring his son. With that being said, many are claiming that is the reason why Roman Reigns didn’t wrestle on Raw last week and didn’t interfere in Raw’s Monday night main event.

It is believed that Roman Reigns was not supposed to interfere during the main event and move on to start his feud with Kevin Owens for The Universal title, but after the big Sunday night spot, the plan was promptly canceled.

Shane McMahon did appear on Smackdown Live Tuesday night as part of the contract versus title shot segment at the beginning of the show, but word is that Vince McMahon is still angry about Vince almost injuring his son and possibly putting him out of in ring action for a very long time. While this of course won’t be the end of Roman Reigns’ push forever, especially since Vince usually gives Roman another chance after about three or four months, this may be the straw that broke the camel’s back and ended Reign’s push for a long time.