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WWE has released another big star from the company, according to PWInsider.

PWInsider has reported that WWE has released former Impact Wrestling talent Amanpreet Singh (Mahabali Shera) from the company.

Shera first started working for TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India during December 2011. He later signed with TNA in September 2014 and last appeared on Impact TV in November 2017, but his release came two months earlier.

Shera signed with WWE in January 2018 and reported to the WWE Performance Center in February. He made his WWE NXT live event debut on March 1 in Ocala, Florida, defeating Dan Matha at a live event. Shera has worked several NXT live events since then but never made it to TV. His recent matches came on August 30 in Jacksonville, FL, a loss with Jason to The War Raiders, and on September 6 in Crystal River, FL, a loss to Brennan Williams.

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In a related development, Rico Constantino recalls the hard moment after his WWE release.

Rico Constantino made his WWE debut when he was 40, fighting until November of 2004. In a recent interview with Conversation with the Big Guy, Rico recalled his brief WWE run and talked about how he managed his life after retiring from wrestling.

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“I finished my run with WWE – I honored my contract until the end, and I was sent home in November of 2004. But I honored it until February 2nd of 2005 because All Japan was calling me.

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I went there when my contract was over and Bull Buchanan and I had a run with the All Asia Tag Team Titles, and then I really had to think. Here I am at 44, do I really want to go to Japan for three-four weeks at a time and leave the family? I thought, you know, I really don’t. I said, well, let me put feelers out to see what I want to do. Reading my background, you know that I am a jack of all trades, master of none, so I felt it out” – Constantino said.

On his life after WWE release: “What happened was…it’s just not wrestling with my life. Everything I have ever done is full contact. I remember somebody approaching me when I got out of professional wrestling and wanting me to join that class action lawsuit against Vince McMahon. I was like, how am I going to join that when I have all of this [police officer, U.S. Marshals, etc]? Vince McMahon was only seven years of my life. I can’t put that all on him, so I didn’t even join that stupid thing. So, what happened was in 2005 I started my police career and that is a rough job in itself.

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I wasn’t a guy that sat in the cop car. I walked, was around people, especially with the tourists here [in Las Vegas]. I worked graveyard for like six years, from 10 at night to 8 in the morning because we worked ten-hour shifts. And some days with the Marshals, I worked the night shift, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then go work Wednesday day.”