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There is this unique bond that connects Jim Ross and Vince Russo owing to the achievements both of them have recorded over the years in professional wrestling. Hence when they speak about the WWE business, they speak with great wealth of knowledge and experience — they often seem to be ready to make contributions that would better the WWE product.
Vincent Russo was hosted by Jim Ross in a live podcast interview few days ago. They talked about quite a number of issues and there comes the topic of Kevin Owens, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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Vince Russo responded to Jim Ross’s question by saying he is not on the same side with Kevin Owens. As a matter of fact, he noted that he’s not one of his fans. He eventually nailed Owens when he needed to expatiate why he was not one of Owens fans. In his submission, he implied that Owens doesn’t really look it, doesn’t look like a Superstar should, doesn’t look like he should look as a true professional wrestler, on and on he went.

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He drew a line against Owens from what the Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon said a while ago. McMahon said, “If you wanted to be a star in pro wrestling then you need to look the part.” Russo noted that Owens obviously doesn’t look like the distinctive Superstars he has seen in WWE over the years. He compared him with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Lex Luger, and John Cena.

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His point of argument was on Owens’s size; he wasn’t really comfortable with his size and shape. To him, Owens looks too clumsy and awkward to record any remarkable feat in pro wrestling world. That was how he saw Owens and that was how much he said about him on air.

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He didn’t stop there; he said WWE had fallen in taste. Back then in WWE, Owens wouldn’t have seen the light of the day, talk more of winning the Intercontinental Champion title. Carl Ouellet was by far better than Owens during his days ten years ago but he never won any significant title because his look appalled Vince McMahon, he continued. Randy Savage was the qualified one and he did won the belt because he was fit for it, Russo concluded.

Please see our next publication on how Owens responded to Vince Russo’ criticisms.

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