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Joe Pedicino and Nikita KoloffJoe Pedicino, who worked as a commentator for WCW and created Superstars of Wrestling, has passed away. PWInsider reports that Pedicino died on April 12th after a long period of illness that followed a stroke in June of last year. He was 70 years old.


We are very sad to learn about the passing of Joe Pedicino; he had battled poor health after a stroke in June last year.

Pedicino was working on the sales staff of WATL TV 36 in 1986 when he made his first dive into pro wrestling, developing Superstars of Wrestling for the station which would feature an eight-hour syndicated block of wrestling from NWA territories throughout the country.
Joe Pedicino Passes Away At The Age Of 70
The show aired Saturday nights with host segments used as wrap-arounds. The format was inspired by Elvira’s programminbg for horror films. The show featured Pedicino and Gordon Solie and Boni Blackstone, who Pedicino would eventually marry. Superstars of Wrestling would last almost seven years and was seen in dozens of markets throughout the US.


Pedicino would go on to start his own wrestling promotion, Georgia All-Star Wrestling, in 1989 and would co-found the Global Wrestling Federation in Dallas in 1991. He served as the lead announcer for the company, which ran out of the Dallas Sportatorium that the then-recently closed WCCW had occupied.

As the wrestling business went into decline, the show became financially drained and Pedicino sold his share of the company after leaving in April of 1992.

Joe Pedicino

Pedicino had a run in WWF as an interviewer for several months in 1993 but largely exited the wrestling business in the 1990s, turning his attention to radio where he owned and operated several Georgia-based radio stations.


It was reported that “Pedicino had been ill for some time after suffering a stroke in June 2019.”

The National Wrestling Alliance’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet to remember all of the contributions that Pedicino made throughout his career.

Joe Pedicino passes away at 70

The National Wrestling Alliance is saddened to learn of the passing of Joe Pedicino. We send our thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.

in the 80s, Joe created and produced the syndicated show “Pro Wrestling This Week” which provided national coverage of the NWA.

This is a sad day, and our thoughts are with Joe Pedicino’s family, friends, and all the fans who remember him bringing pro wrestling action to their living rooms.