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The report stating that WWE is considering a match between Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens for WrestleMania 32 has received its share of criticisms as a good portion of WWE fans as well as analysts see it as a bad idea.

According to Alfred Konuwa, Forbes popular writer, one of the main reasons why WWE should be careful with such a match fixture is because Superstars like Kevin Owens are very vulnerable to injury. He noted that if that does happen to Owens then WWE would be left stranded and once more be force to start looking out through the window for a replacement.

See the full submission by Alfred Konuwa below:

Owens is one of the few wrestlers with a similar background who is left standing, but he too has his own history of knee troubles. Owens represents a huge long-term risk if WWE is serious about pairing him with Brock Lesnar.

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Simply sharing the ring with Lesnar is an honor that will almost immediately establish younger wrestlers as main eventers. But if Owens is to go down with an injury following a potentially career-defining victory over Lesnar, WWE would once again be left to piece together a makeshift roster.

It’s becoming quite clear that building a roster around a core group of physical, independent wrestlers is not a sound strategy. And while these stars have an edge in connecting with audiences due to their built-in fanbases, it behooves WWE to move in a different direction and opt for more home-grown talents who aren’t as liable to get hurt.

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Injuries can happen to anybody in pro wrestling. In fact, it’s one of the only way WWE Superstars and Divas get time off. But the fact that injuries are so common should further discourage WWE from building around wrestlers with an overly-physical independent wrestling history.

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An Owens-Lesnar matchup looks good on paper. It’s the brash, young upstart against the aging beast who is still unstoppable. But a closer look reveals that Owens is not that young. He has over 15 years of wrestling under his belt. And with one of the most important WrestleManias in history on the horizon, it would be a shame if Brock Lesnar’s match went on to mean nothing.


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