Why Man United Star Wayne Rooney Slapped Wrestler Wade Barrett During WWE Raw – Guess What The Crowd Did Afterwards

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney slapped WWE fighter Wade Barret in last night WWE RAW show.

A report came forth in the wee hour of today stating that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney slapped wrestler Wade Barret at last night RAW show held in Manchester, England.

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Wayne Rooney made a spectacle last night when he theoretically clashed with 250 pound Wade Barret in the eyes of several thousands of wrestling fans after Barret took the microphone and mocked Rooney’s football performances.

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He said, “In this ring are two men who can easily be described as championship material. Which is, of course, more than can be said of Wayne Rooney and Manchester United.”

Then he directed these words to Rooney’s son who was also in the RAW show, “I would hate for your little boy to have to watch his own father fail. He gets to experience that every single time you step on a football pitch.”

The England captain could not stomach the trash-talked and overdramatically slapped the WWE fighter which brought a light spirit in the air, resulting to cheers and rains of applauses from the crowd.

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