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Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has eventually put things right over the speculation of him leaving Old Trafford. The goalkeeper said that the club will know a better season under the management of coach Jose Mourinho and as such, he is in the club to stay.

Jose Mourinho signed a three-year contract with the club owing to the exit of Dutch boss Louis van Gaal after two seasons in charge. Hence, he will now pilot the affairs of the club to the Promised Land.

Thus, the Spain goalkeeper is of the opinion that owing to the vast experience the Portuguese boss has, his days in Old Trafford will be glorious. He hopes that Mourinho will prove once again that he is special as the club is bent on giving him every support necessary to make his reign a success.

De Gea is not a bad player in fact; his days in the club are most memorable when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. To punctuate that, the goalkeeper won Premier League best in 2012-13 before things fell apart for the club.

The 25-year-old was speaking with Marca and he said that Mourinho is nothing less than a winner; a coach with a difference – a trophy oriented coach.

“To speak of Jose Mourinho is to talk about a winning coach and that is United’s philosophy and mine.

“With that idea in mind, I’m certain we can build a great team. I welcome him.”

In a separate account, Mourinho is bent of taken Silvinho Louro to Old Trafford to replace the incumbent Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea who was linked with a move to Real Madrid last summer but somehow along the line, there was a delay and the deal couldn’t completed before the deadline.