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Former WWE Diva’s Champion Paige left a bombshell when she revealed how she used one of her Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell Bras” as a knee pad substitute. She made this known during a WWE live event in New York City two days ago.

She tweeted this using PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE:
“The struggle when you forget a knee pad and then use one of your bombshell bras taped down as a replacement. Whatevs.”

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Some may say, that’s not right; she shouldn’t have done that on any account. She is a public figure for crying out loud and a role model to millions of young minds but that’s a circumstantial issue. On a normal day, I bet you the former WWE Diva’s Champion wouldn’t have done such. You know, there comes a time in your life when the chips are down. No help from wherever and no clue on how to navigate your boat. At such times, it’s easier to think that giving up is the best option and it is for a number of average minds who will forever remain in mediocrity and patchiness. This is not the case of Paige of course, but it does have a connection with what happens to us all in real life, isn’t it?

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That’s not what I leanrt from John Cena or his sweetheart, Nikki Bella. One thing is synonymous with this couple; it’s the braveness, the courage and determination to keep sailing even though the odds are against them.

They do that every day. They reflect that in their daily lives. They carry it boldly as a slogan wherever they go. For Cena is “the Never Give Up Spirit” and for Nikki it’s the “Stay Fearless Spirit”. It works like magic, it works for them and it can work for you and I. let’s give it a roll, let’s allow that spirit to envelop us this forth coming year and let’s count our stocks at the end of 2016 to see if it works or not. Venture into anything lawful that you consider as your dream or vision or goal in life. Stay at it, work at it daily and see what becomes of you at the end of 2016. Until then, NEVER GIVE UP….. STAY FEARLESS!