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ESPN has just stated that a new play-by-play commentator has been hired for Smackdown.

The report reveals that the new announcer Mauro Ranallo should make his first appearance on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and would take unto the position originally occupied by Michael Cole.

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Mauro Ranallo is coming from a boxing and mixed martial arts background. There have been some talks between Mauro and Cole about this job thing for a while now. Mauro noted recently that Cole contacted him via email several months ago to measure his interest for the job. Mauro further stated that after Cole sent him some details of the job and what the job generally entails, he was given a reasonable contract offer and a high-profile job.

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Maybe we should speak a little about the new commentator before we congratulate him on his new job offer.
Mauro Ranallo was formerly doing boxing commentary for Showtime before he got the SmackDown job offer. Mauro has the ability to wedge heavy task and there seems to be no occasion to big for him to perform. Worthy to note is that, Mauro was the one that was tasked with the responsibility of doing the international feed for the massive fight between Floyd Mayweather, who has performed at Wrestlemania, and Filipino fighting legend Manny Pacquiao. Ranallo also has experience with Pride Fighting Championship and GLORY Kickboxing, the promotion that Goldberg considered fighting for.

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We won’t be surprise if quite a number of WWE fans don’t like him because of his boxing and mixed martial arts background, but the 45-year-old has always been a great fan of professional wrestling. Mauro is not entirely strange in the WWE industry, no it isn’t! Mauro and Renee Young once hosted a professional wrestling show in Toronto together.

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The main reason why Vince McMahon hired Mauro Ranallo is because McMahon is making effort to see that Smackdown improves as best as it can and there should be an increased viewership before the move to the USA Network.

Also, McMahon is determined to see an improvement in the business relationship between World Wrestling Entertainment and NBC, which is the parent company of the USA Network, stays strong. The network recently helped McMahon secure new advertisers, including Coca-Cola.

Now can we say congratulations to Mauro Ranallo on his new job?

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