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Going by the report of Wrestling Inc, Brock Lesnar will be heading straight for the challenge of a championship belt as soon as he returns.

The report further disclosed that Brock Lesnar will be resuming his WWE’s programming on December 19 after that very classic bout he did against The Undertaker at Hell In A Cell few months ago. Since then Lesnar disappeared into the air and left fans wondering just when is “The Beast” coming back to WWE.

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Lesnar is reported returning because WWE is having a great show at the Forum in Los Angeles and they intend to make it one out-of-this-world. Hence the might of Lesnar would be necessary to enable them achieve their desired goal. Lesnar would be facing the current United State Champion, Alberto Del Rio and it’s perceived to be one that’s going to be full of suspense, awe, anxiety and something else.

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Among every shock that would hit fans that night, the shock that would turn out from the match Brock Lesnar would have against Alberto Del Rio would make the greatest note. In that very show, Alberto will be defending the WWE United States Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar and shouts will go up, sweat will roll down and hails from the anxious and die-hard fans will turn into the squared ring generously.

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However, there are reactions coming from that match fixture already as it hits rather a good number of people by surprise. Reason being that, people perceived the WWE United States Heavyweight Championship belt has already gone home with Alberto Del Rio so they do not expect him to be wrestling against Brock Lesnar for that same title. They also argued that Lesnar should not be facing the likes of Del Rio rather Undertaker, Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Batista and Goldberg who are on the same plane with him.

Well, the match will not televised. Yes, none of the matches fought that night would, even though we know fans would fine-tune their antennas to rest on the match between Del Rio and Lesnar. They would want to get every gist through any possible means.

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However, judging by the way the match is being treated; it wouldn’t be out of place to say that although the match would be kind that keeps the audience on tie-toes, Alberto Del Rio would walk home as the winner of the belt again. And yet again, the audience would bath him with boos and hisses.

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