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In the world of wrestling, an event is said to be exciting if the matches are done aggressively. As it is, this will be the case of the WWE Battleground as big matches are been announced and fans being excited.

The WWE Battleground is just by the corner and fans are all pregnant with expectations, they all have in mind that something big will definitely happen on that day. It is revealed that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were friends before they misunderstood and became foes; there have been and there have been a rivalry between the two former friends.

According to reports, the rivalry between them may come to an end at the WWE Battleground as they battle their seemingly final match. The reason for their feud so far has been to prove who is better that the other as we expect, Battleground will mark the end of their rivalry.

More so, the two broke out in jeopardy on this week’s RAW challenging themselves. Sami then challenged Owens to a fight at the WWE Battleground. Owens accepted his challenge and their match will indeed be tough on that day, Sami accused Owens of being jealous of him and this is the simple reason why he challenged Owens to fight at the Battleground.

Furthermore, another dangerous feud that has been announced is the Triple Threat Match between the three Shield brethren; Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. What else can fans expect, when there are matches of this sorts arranged for their viewing pleasure?