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The Hardy boys caught WWE fans unawares as they returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33. It was first rumored that they would be returning to the company but later on, it was otherwise stated the return of Jeff and Matt hardy has been cancelled, but surprisingly, they showed up and won the RAW tag team title from Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

It hasn’t really occurred to fans what made the Hardy boy leave WWE at first, but now, the reasons has finally surfaced and this will be discussed in this article.

In 1998, the hardy boys were signed into WWE and from the time of their signing in to 2003 they have been wrestling as tag team. While in 2003, WWE released Jeff Hardy from his contract due to his several failed in drug tests and a misconduct which included not showing up at live events. The release of Jeff led up to 2006 when he was re-signed by the company and he reigned as the company’s intercontinental champion and also as a world champion before he then left again due to injuries.

On the other hand, while Jeff Hardy was not around, Matt was still in the WWE enjoying his singles run as a top superstar but in 2004 he was forced to take time off from wrestling due to a knee injury. Matt was fired by WWE when he had to make a backstage drama against Edge who has been sleeping with his girlfriend, Lita.

Furthermore, Matt Hardy returned to the company the following year and was made to face Edge, a feud which was inspired by their off-screen conflict. In late 2010, Matt demanded is release from the company and it was granted him. The Hardy Boys are now the new RAW tag team champions.