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The worse thing ever in the WWE is to get a bad update that may shatter the whole long years of achievements and beyond. Once a talent falls out of favor from top officials in the WWE, he or she is made to experience some bad things.

Before now, we reported that Vince McMahon was angry with top wrestler Sami Zayn, which will turns out to be some kind of menace to the former champion and his career.

As reported earlier, Vince McMahon does not like Sami Zayn at all and thinks that it is the biggest constraint in his path. For this, the creative team is arranging bad story lines for Zayn that may cause him all his years of better endeavors.

Well, still on the matter, it’s very likely that the Sami Zayn segment last week on Raw was nothing more than a tease and fans will not be seeing Zayn make his way to the main event scene anytime soon. Sami may be out of the WWE main event roster for the mean time, may be until the boss, Vince McMahon changes his mind. Anyway, we hope he comes out of this mess soon. What do you think?