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According to PW Insider, WWE is already working on cutting the rope again, this time it’s likely to happen few days after Extreme Rules is over.

The last in-house cleaning shook the industry to the feet as over eight Superstars were politely shown the door; it was that kind of a day – everyone wondered what offense they committed especially when the likes of Cameron were involved.

The names of the eight Superstars released in early May were:
• Damien Sandow
• Santino Marella
• Alex Riley
• Cameron
• Wade Barrett
• El Torito
• Zeb Colter
• Hornswoggle

Later news came forth that Lilian Garcia has been released from the company but that has since been clarified as the WWE ring announcer herself has made the world known on what really happened.

Prior to Garcia speaking up, Dave Meltzer in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter was asked on if Lilian Garcia has been released from the company and he said nothing. That gave room for people to think the ring announcer has been released.

The 49-year old announcer tweeted the following for clarification:

That said, is now reporting that the next round of cut would be a top women’s star and that brings to mind the question of “who could this women star who is to be considered a top talent be?”

Cody Rhodes’s wife, Brandi Reed Rhodes has been released already so thinking in that line is out of it. Lilian Garcia, is possibly not going anywhere except there is a stomach crisis between her and the WWE. But so far, nothing seems to be showing in that light. Nikki Bella, Emma, Natalya or who… Well, we cannot say. Let’s just see how it goes, the WWE has their yard-stick, isn’t it?