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No doubt, this year has been a glorious year of experience for all in the WWE Universe as lots of record breaking events were recorded.

The brand split was indeed another achievement that will never be forgotten in a hurry making the WWE come to a two big brand of RAW and SmackDown live respectively. The return of the Undertaker was a great thing, the won of Finn Balor, the long title reign of The New Day is another.

It is revealed that even more are yet to happen before the forth coming WrestleMania 33. Report has it that John Cena is set to return from his two-month long absence on December 27th episode of SmackDown Live in Chicago.

He is expected to set up his next feud, possibly against The Undertaker, which could lead to a heel turn.” It also worth noting that a new commercial has started to air that shows John Cena back in his ruthless aggression era days, which could of course be an allusion to the heel turn that is being spoken about in the report. John Cena becoming a heel is indeed and initiative that is set to move the world of wrestling.