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It is no longer news that John Cena has finally proposed to his heartthrob after many years of dating. Our news desk has already brought you the reports of how the whole story unfold when Nikki got the glittering engagement ring from Cena at WrestleMania 33.

But what usually comes to mind of many is the aftermath of a man’s proposal to his girl. The big dream of every woman is not getting engaged to a lover but taking a step further into marriage; yes, marriage is the final consummation.

Oh yes, the attention of many especially wrestling lovers has been shifted to Nikki Bella John Cena relationship. When will the big marriage happen between the duos is the question that hits internet these days. Nikki has already made it clear that she cannot afford to be engaged for more than a year, this has made all her fans to start the count down for her ever since John Cena made the romantic proposal.

Wait a minute; did you fail to think that the marriage may never hold? After all, words from reliable sources have it that the Nikki Bella, John Cena WrestleMania 33 engagement was for the benefit of the show as Cena has time and time again asserted that he doesn’t want marriage or kids from Nikki.

So far, the tendency for marriage seems to be wide; the parallel seems to be stretched to infinity – Cena is obviously not bent towards marriage now or anytime soon. And while Nikki has said she wouldn’t want to be engaged for more than one year, Cena has remained mute like those thingummies.
So let’s see how it goes for the love birds; what do you think? Will Cena eventually tie the knot with Nikki?