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It is obvious that Roman Reigns has been off the ring for some time now, and this has been generating a lot of controversies as many attribute his non-appearance to the injury he suffered during his heavy faceoff with Braun Strowman at the Monday Night Raw.

Report has it that Roman Reigns has been granted leave of absence from the WWE and the storyline is on the reason behind this extended leave. It would be recalled that the last time this WWE superstar took a long break off the company was in 2014 when hernia and the subsequent operation forced him a compulsory break for a while.

Meanwhile, as against the speculations of many, WWE rumours from WhatCulture has come out to clarify the circumstances surrounding the absence of The WWE superstar saying that it was due to the sudden demise of his younger brother;

“Reportedly dying of congestive heart failure on April 17, Matt Anoa’i was only 47 years old and Reigns will require time to process what has happened. Therefore, the polarising star will not work WWE live events this coming weekend and has been handed some brief compassionate leave to mourn the loss of his sibling.”

Reigns is however expected to show up next week for a showdown with Strowman while many believed his coming will be for the purpose of getting the extensive leave of absence.

“After looking at the WWE ticket information, it’s clear that Reigns is not advertised for any house shows over the weekend and has been silent on social media since being attacked by Braun Strowman. Although Reigns is not advertised for live events this weekend, he is advertised for Raw, which indicates that Strowman and Reigns will have some type of interaction on next week’s episode.”