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Bret Hart on the Murder and Influence of Bruiser Brody on Professional Wrestling“I had always been grateful to Brody for bucking me up with some kind words during my first months on the road with the WWF when Chief was riding me.



The last time I’d seen him was during a chance meeting at the airport in Detroit.

André [the Giant] rode on those airport trolley carts that zip around inside the terminals, so Jim and I hopped on.

Coming around a corner, we ran into Brody, who laughed at the sight of us.

BRUISER BRODY: Details on his Murder after he was stabbed and killed ---- Scott Hall Tells of Learning the Hard Way from Bruiser BrodyMy last memory of him was his wave and his smile.

On July 16th, Brody had been called into a dressing room in Puerto Rico by the booker, José González, who also wrestled under a mask as The Invader.

González, whom I remembered from my time in Puerto Rico as an easygoing guy, stabbed Brody with a butcher knife and left him to die on the dirty bathroom floor.Bret Hart on the Murder and Influence of Bruiser Brody on Professional Wrestling


Supposedly, Brody had been a bully to González in the ring one time too many, and González snapped. All the wrestlers were too scared to help Brody, so they sat there for over an hour while he died.

No wrestlers would testify against González because they were afraid that if they did, they wouldn’t live long enough to get off the island! González used self-defense as an argument and was acquitted.

Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart

This was one of the most horrible things that ever happened in the wrestling business.”