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WWE Divas Paige and Alicia Fox were reportedly kicked out of a Baltimore Restaurant about three months ago. The incident was first reported by who stated that Paige and Alicia Fox were thrown out of the restaurant following a fracas between the WWE Divas and an one of the restaurant’s patronage.

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According to the part of the report, the Divas took time off WWE’s schedule to get some bottles of margaritas drinks at Supano’s Prime Steakhouse, Seafood and Pasta in Baltimore only to be harassed by a drunk customer who wanted photos and autographs from the Divas. Unfortunately, the approach from the drunk woman was rude and the Divas teamed up against the lady. Fight broke up and bottles of margaritas drinks flew from all corners before an employee of the restaurant intervened. In order to ensure peace and order, the restaurant management kicked the drunk lady and the Divas out of the premises.

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The second part of the story came from the former WWE Divas Champion Paige Paige who spoke at the Pittsburgh Wizard World Comic Con event in September 12. In that very Q&A session, Paige noted that the incident had no connection whatsoever with the Total Divas cameras and as such, they were not there when the dispute struck that night. It has no connection with the reality show either, Paige added sincerely.

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What really happened was that, Alicia Fox and I were singing Karaoke and the woman in question was using her mobile phone to film us, Paige began explaining. Naturally we felt uncomfortable and we asked her to cease it but she sparked up, threw her drinks at us and the night recorded a different story all entirely.

Of course the management of the restaurant jumped in and intervened then we left on our own volition, Paige explained in details.

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