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John CenaAs soon as John Cena returns from his break, he would have to defend the United States title by clashing with Sheamus on Boxing Day at Madison Square Garden.

As reported earlier, John Cena would be off from WWE for a while; a leave which Cena has said he needed for personal reasons. There were few arguments about the said leave as it was reported that Cena is seeking for a break because he has been scheduled to host a series of film with FOX.

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Thus this December 26 match would be the first Cena would be having after his break. Cena is expected to leave after this Sunday’s WWE Hell In A Cell show. The show is going to be one full of suspense and agitation as there is a strong feud between Cena and Sheamus – a feud which may probably grow to equal that between The Undertaker and Broke Lesnar.

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Another match scheduled for that same day is that between Kevin Owens versus Dean Ambrose. Although the card is likely to change, as it has done before but for the now, Owens has be booked to be on against Ambrose with the Intercontinental title at stake.

Accordingly, an Advertisement sponsored by the Garden is currently running that Cena would have to defend the United States title by clashing with Sheamus.

One other thing we should love to leave you with is that Sheamus is the contender at Hell In A Cell and wins the belt. So Cena will row with him in December.

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