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After the severe Neck injury of Nikki Bella, the WWE Universe has been thinking for a suitable replacement for her in the WWE industry as they could not forbear seeing her retiring so early.

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Nikiki Bella did a Tag Team Match in WresleMania 33 where she joined forces with her fiancé John Cana to battle The Miz and Maryse.

It was a match of his kind as Cana ended up engaged Nikki when he knelt down with a ring in hand and asked her to marry him. Everyone was “Hoo and Haa” – the WWE Universe, fans went agog and thundered applauses for several days.

Having said that, we dare bring it to your notice that despite the fact that doctors kept telling Nikki she can no longer do wrestling again; Nikki still wants to wrestle. She has been making frantic efforts to be back at the squared ring again, all to no avail. She even when to the extent of announcing she has already been cleared for wrestling again but that is not true.

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However, recent updates on the WWE network show that Nikki Bella may not be leaving WWE for now. Nikki Bella who was reportedly used in the Advertisement if some Major event after the last WrestleMania may actually be planning to stay a bit longer in the WWE than we recently expected. However, the WWE has a lot of questions to ask her.

However, the WWE should be asking themselves how much longer she can wrestle with a bad neck. For the now, the WWE has not found a fitting replacement for her even though word is going round that WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is the star that the WWE Officials have endorsed to promote as a makeup for the absence of Nikki Bella. Well already Alexa Bliss is currently the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion in her second reign which is similar to the title Nikki retired with — the longest-reigning WWE Divas Champion. However, we shall see how far Alexa Bliss go, how far she climbs the ladder of success in the WWE.