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Superstar passes away after he was rushed to the hospital and put on Life Support but died soon afterwards; sad news has just hit the wrestling fraternity again; a 25 year-old Superstar died after being rushed to the hospital.

William Ogletree, aged 25, passed away after he suffered a head injury in his first ever match at ‘Battle of Legends in OKC’. Wrestlingnewssource reported on it, saying that he was rushed to the hospital and put on Life Support but died soon afterwards

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William Ogletree, who was training to be a wrestler, wrestled his first and last match on Sunday, as it, unfortunately, ended in tragedy. William was a standup comedian and guitarist for the rock group, Hitt Boyz

The event that he was wrestling at apparently did not have a license by the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, something that made the event illegal. ‘Battle of Legends in OKC’ took place at the Blue Note Lounge.

During the match, Ogletree got hit by a botched Spinebuster, resulting in serious head injuries. He was rushed to a hospital and put on life support, but after being in critical condition for two days he passed away.

A Go Fund Me account, which you can find here, was set up to deal with any medical expenses and its description read:

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“On the night of Sunday August 27th William Ogletree was following his dream of becoming a wrestler by doing his first match, little did he or his family know that his first appearance would end in tragedy. A mistake that could of been (sic) avoided had the proper measurements been taken cost him and his family more than anyone expected, a simple mistake has taken the life of a bright and vibrant young man wise beyond his years. These funds will go towards any medical costs the family is going to encounter with this horrible accident”

Joe Miller, the administrator of the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, stated that the promoter of the event was Leslie Hensley, of BLOW (Balthazar’s Ladies Of Wrestling).

Investigations are underway into the event, as Hensley and Blue Note lunge both remained unavailable for comment.
Our Tribute

William Ogletree was a promising young man and at the age of 25 left the world way too soon. Wrestling, as a sport, is graceful, but it has its ugly side. William was a great stand-up comic and guitarist and is survived by his grieving family who are still looking for answers.