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It is worthy to note that marriage is the legal joining of two imperfect persons being a male and a female. Lots of wedding has really taken place in the WWE but not all of them still stands today.

Talking about outstanding couples, I mean marriages that has last long and still counts till date and even newly wedded couples that are lovebirds in the WWE. To start with, if the word couple is mentioned in the WWE, the first couples that comes to mind is that of Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon who have been happily married for some years with three daughters. It is revealed that Triple H and his wife are the head of the couples in WWE.

Well, apart from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, there are several other outstanding WWE couples in the list but to mention just few, we give two couples more in addition with the vice president of WWE and the commisioner of Monday night RAW Tripl H and Stephanie McMahon.

The of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan has been married to one of the Bella twin, Brie Bella and they are living very happily. Daniel Bryan had to retire from professioner wrestling due to injury and as he was gone, his wife joined him with the intentions of going to take care of his husband and also to become a mother by making babies. Shane McMahon selected Daniel Bryan to be his manager and rumor also has it that his wife Brie is currently preparing to come back to the ring.

More so, the US champion Rusev recently got married to Lana. But before their wedding, it is revealed that they have been dating for long before finally becoming husband and wife. With what had happened between Rusev Roman Reigns, it is a prove that Rusev Loves his wife and can go extra miles for her.