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In a season like this, everyone one in the WWE are all shaking and trebling because you never can tell what the WWE has in mind because the boss Vince McMahon is a man of unpredictability and suspense. This fear indeed resulted out from the previous release of several months where superstars like Damien Sandow and Bad News Barrett were both released from the company, even though it was revealed that News Barrett requested for his release.

Another spring cleaning is here and the list of superstars to be released are out and it contains lots of top superstars and fans favorite. The reason is because they want the company to free from unused talents. This release is set to happen before the WWE SummerSlam event of the year. It may interest you to know that in the list revealed by the WWE contains the names of superstars like Rosa Mendes, Tamina Snuka and even Tyson Kidd.

More so, reports states that there are the speculated reasons for the release of these superstars. It is revealed that Rosa Mendes was hired into the company in the early 2000 when the company was looking for attractive woman to add to the go. Even though Rosa has no wrestling idea she was still hired and was trained for two years in Ohio Valley Wrestling. In 2008, she made her main rooster debut. But now it seems that the WWE has nothing to do with her again so just have to go away.

Tamina Snukka is another superstar who since her debut in the WWE has never performed any vital role but she looks more like a wrestle because of her size and intimidating look. She was a member of the B.A.D team but was said to be the least among them. The WWE might see her talent useless so they have to release her from the company. As for Tyson Kidd, he may not cleared to return to the ring due to his neck injury, so it is an opportunity for the WWE to issue his release.