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Before the WWE brand split was announced, The Club which comprises of AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson has been on even during their WWE NXT times and this club members have been doing very great when it comes to wrestling things because they will all team up together to fight and defeat other superstars. This has been on until the announcement and the enforcement of the brand split.

Several matches which the Club members has fought include the match against Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title but fortunately for Reigns, he still held on to his title and was not pressured at all by the three gallant members of the Club. The match against Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles lasted for quite a long period of time but Styles didn’t win over Reigns despite the fact that he was always with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

As the match continued, anytime Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows comes to help AJ Styles, the two cousins of Reigns, The Usos also comes in to help Roman Reigns and automatically becomes a six man tag team match. The same happened in the match against John Cena vs AJ Styles.

It was revealed on John Cena’s returned to RAW; he faced AJ Styles who defeated him with the help of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. But as time went on, John Cena found a tag team at first of The New Day stable who came to help John Cena because Cena once helped them defeated AJ and coo.

More so, the tag team of Cena becomes Big Cass and Enzo Amore. After the WWE brand split, it is revealed that AJ Styles and his club members has been separated from each other and AJ styles terribly reacted to this in a silly way. When he heard the heard the announcement that Anderson and Gallows have been drafted into RAW, he was sorely angry and he lamented and said, “o I am on my own now”. See video below: