WWE NEWS: Alberto Del Rio Caught Cheating – See Latest Update On His Relationship…

The former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has been going through some sorts of menace lately in his career. His wish of being released was actually granted him by the WWE who have seen enough of him.

Del Rio’s relationship with Diva Paige has never pleased a good number of persons in the WWE and it is revealed that it was because of the affiliation that he didn’t get the push he was promised by Vince McMahon.

In a nut shell, Triple H has personally shown Alberto Del Rio that he is not pleased with him dating Paige because he feels that Del Rio is a bad influence to Paige and may end up contaminating the bright future of Paige. Not quite long, before the release of Del Rio, both Paige and her girlfriend, Alberto Del Rio was suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy.

Del Rio has never been a settled a man ever since his return to WWE, and with the fact that he has marital troubles has worsen the whole issue and chaos surrounding him. Del Rio has once said that his only source joy is Paige and that’s why he loves her so much. Del Rio is a married man and because of his flirting nature, his wife, Angela Velkei filed for divorce. Angela stated that their marriage ended May 27th 2016 due to the fact that Del Rio is having an external affair.

Furthermore, Angela Velkei’s lawyer, Raymond Rafool and Richard Orsinger wants judge to issue a restraining order against Alberto Del Rio that would limit contact between the couple. As a matter of fact, Del Rio filed documents, which were obtained by Pro Wrestling Sheet, last week claiming that his relationship with his wife ended in June 2015 and it was because Angela was “guilty of cruel treatment” towards him.

More So, Angela said plainly that he caught Del Rio cheating and demanded for a full custody of their children, ownership of their house and car, but as it is, the decision has not yet been taken by the judge. Well, the divorce will definitely give Paige a free access into Del Rio’s life. What do you think?